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About our company

Gator Plumbing has been serving Manatee, Sarasota and our surrounding counties since 1979. Since opening our doors we here at Gator Plumbing have taken a family style approach to business. Treating our customers like family members has helped us develop long lasting associations with our community. Our basic approach to any problem is “how would I want this done in my own home?” With this philosophy our plumbers strive to satisfy our clients needs and concerns.


Mission Statement

  • To provide our customers with the most professional, efficient and reliable plumbing service available.

  • To offer only top quality materials and name brands that command public trust.

  • Gator Plumbing Inc. and quality will be synonymous in all plumbing applications.

  • To follow superior ethical policies in business practice by keeping customers apprized of the costs and options associated with their requests.

  • To operate each business transaction in a clean, polite and courteous manner with attention to detail and protection of clients’ property.

  • To always bear in mind that each customer is the reason we are in business and to desire to continue our business relationships for many years.

  • To give back to the community from which we derive our sustenance and to recognize that good will is equal to monetary gain when worthwhile causes are helped.


Meet Our Family


William SmockPresident

Using over 25 years of hands on experience, Bill is tasked with knowing and understanding the needs of our customers as well as putting together clear and concise project quotes.

Bill is currently serving as the Associate Vice President of the Florida Home Builders Association and can often be found participating at many local Chamber of Commerce events as well as Lake Wood Ranch Business Alliance and Gulf Coast Builders Exchange events.


George Smock IIIVice President

George brings over 28 years of experience to the job. He has a natural mechanical aptitude that allows him to understand what, where and how a problem can best be resolved.


George Smock Jr.- Founder

With over 40 year experience George has the solid background knowledge to diagnose most plumbing quandaries. His good natured attitude and dedication to “doing it right the first time” has been the example and standard that has been used through out the years of training to our staff.

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